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bike storage solutions for strata & apartments

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You provide us with images and dimensions of your space and we provide a free quote.

Option 2

We design the best possible bike storage solution for your situation and provide you with
drawings to take to your strata. Cost: $280 (refundable if you proceed with bike parking with us)
See what Landmark Apartments did to solve their bicycle parking here.

Why is it important to provide a dedicated space?

Need some help convincing your strata management committee that
your block needs bike parking? Here bike-storage-solution-strata2thumbare a few tips that could make all the difference.

As more people use bicycles for transport and recreation
(bikes consistently outsell cars in Australia) there is increasing bike clutter.
Work, Health & Safety Issues If there is no well designed, dedicated space
for bike storage then cyclists will secure their bikes in areas: -
that will potentially damage or obstruct cars - like stairwells, outside
fire escape doors, along entrances, in hallways and against railings
and posts in the building and in the vicinity of the building.

the fallout


  • Poor bike parking creates hazards for other
    building users by blocking access, creating trip hazards
    and putting pressure on hallways and lifts as cyclists take 
    their bicycles into their apartments.
  • Building interiors can be damaged by wear and tear
  • Increased pressure on cleaners especially in wet weather
  • Bike Security Issues: Bikes are an investment and can be
    worth thousands of dollars – sometimes more than a car.
  • Cyclists do not want to park their bike anywhere
    where it may be stolen.

Cyclists will park their bike where they feel it is safest and in the most convenient spot. bike-storage-strata4-thumb
This is not always the safest from a Work, Health & Safety point of view. Providing a
well designed, Australian Standards compliant facility Design is critical to the success
of a bike storage facility.

Keys to bike parking success

Key issues like location of the facility, visibility from passing traffic and protection from weather are key.
Correct rack placement and spacing of racks also ensure success.
There are Australian standards and guidelines covering bicycle parking. If
your facility is put in the wrong spot, provides inadequate spacing and
poor racks cyclists will avoid it and park somewhere else and you’ll waste money.

A supplier and installer who follows Australian Standards
like will have the utility of your facility at the
forefront of the design and installation process and your facility will be used.

What to look out for:

  • Racks on the market which do not comply with Australian standards.                                                 
  • These racks will be avoided by cyclists who do not want to damage their bicycles.
  • Examples of such racks include: Racks which hold bikes by their inserted wheels  
    only (toaster rack); racks which only support the  bike in one spot; racks which 
    damage bicycles by the way they support them.
  • Multiple bike parking racks which claim to park multiple bicycles but don’t give 
    enough spacing to actually park multiple bikes. What often happens in this case 
    is that users opt to use every second rack and money is wasted.
  • Racks which are installed too closely together creating handlebar clash and pedal pester
  • Racks installed without security fasteners 
  • A supplier who wants to sell you as many racks as possible at the expense of usability
  • Racks that aren’t intuitive ie. nobody has a clue what they are (is that a bicycle rack?) or understands how to use them

Why choose

  • This is our area of expertise so we can identify spaces which would make excellent areas for bicycle parking.
  • The success of your facility is our motivation – we want your repeat business!
  • Our products are the best in the market and because we are cyclists
  • We keep it real - we know what works and what doesn't
  • Our bike racks and cages are compliant with Australian standards and are Australian designed,
    manufactured and finished from superior Australian steels - not cheap imports. We're proud of
    our commitment to Australian manufacturing.
  • We are licenced builders
  • We follow Australian Standards 2890.3 and our work is used as examples to showcase best practice bicycle parking


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