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Case Studies

bicycle cage hub 1cc

Two intermodal hubs
Parramatta Council, Sydney

Parramatta Council installed two secure bicycle cages with ground mounted and wall mounted racking, clothes lockers, signage, bike paths, seats and with bathrooms for cyclists. Both bike hubs featured gates specially built for cyclist entry with swipe card access and 24 hour surveillance. worked closely with the council to construct the hubs in its Horwood Place and Erby Place car parks. The bicycle parking is fully compliant with AS2890.3 and demonstrates best practice. The bike parking hubs are used as best practice examples of cyclist infrastructure.

alice springs bicycle cage cc


Ross Park Primary School, Alice Springs

When the school contacted bikestorage with a brief for a funky, secure and compliant bicycle shelter for 40 bicycles we were keen to work on the project. The brief was to park 40 bikes in an innovative way, compliment the existing site and turn it all around within two months. The school was keen to showcase its commitment to cycling so the bicycle shed was going ‘front of house’ and had to make an impact. The funky shape of the roof was Bikestorage's design solution and it has set the benchmark for combining aesthetics with function in the design of compliant bicycle parking facilities.

ground and wall mounted racks cc


Macquarie University

We worked closely with Macquarie University to develop a wholistic bicycle parking plan for the campus to complement its innovative commitment to promoting cycling at the university. We installed a mixture of wall hung and ground mounted bicycle racks and retrofitted a cage. We were thrilled when Macquarie University’s leadership in the field was recognised with a 2012 Australian Bicycling Achievement Award.

bicycle cage retrofit 1cc


Landmark Apartments, Canberra

This large apartment development comprises of a number of apartment blocks and the onsite bicycle parking was not offering the level of security cyclists needed as bike theft was proving to be a problem. Bikestorage consulted on how best to meet the needs of cyclists and deter bicycle theft and retrofitted secure bicycle cages at two sites. One site already had a chain mesh fence which wasn’t offering enough security. We replaced it with Corromesh and utilized existing ground mounted racks and provided wall mounted racks.
The second site was identified after consultation with the building managers and cyclists. An old motorbike park that wasn’t being used was identified as a great place for cyclists and as there were no walls we could use it was the perfect setting for our exclusive Bike Wall. The site was secured with Corromesh and we were happy to reuse existing racks and relocate them. Best of all cyclists now have convenient, secure bike parking at their home.

commuter hoop bike rack cc

Penrith city council

Penrith council wanted to maximise its on street bicycle parking via the provision of bicycle parking attached to street poles. Our stainless steel commuter hoops enabled council to provide bicycle parking in places where cyclists were already parking with the added advantage of security and bike support. Our patented fixing system ensures our commuter hoop provides a much more secure connection to the pole compared to similar products on the market which are attached in one narrow spot via bolts. This means that the rack sits on the pole and is vulnerable to vandalism or misuse - it can be twisted and the join broken. Our fixing system ensures there is no turning point - the rack is engineered to fully embrace the pole.  We also offer a custom jig to ensure accurate and speedy installation if clients wish to install the product themselves.

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