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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does deliver racks nationally?
Yes. We can ship racks nationally and internationally. Call us on ph: 0434 060 855 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quote.

2. How do you bolt the racks down?
We recommend the use of security fasteners to ensure maximum protection for bikes.

3. What standards cover bicycle parking?
Australian Standard AS2890.3 and Austroads Guide to Traffic Engineering Practice Part 14- Bicycles. Each Australian state or territory also has cycle strategies and plans. In our opinion the AS2890.3 works from a bicycle user's perspective and we adhere to the standard to ensure best practice bicycle parking.

4. What difference does following the standards make?
The standards have been created to minimise theft and damage to bicycles and to increase the role cycling has as a viable transport mode. With safer and more functional bicycle parking more people will ride bikes to work.

5. Why is correct spacing important?
Just like a standard car parking space bicycles need clear access in and out of a park. If bicycles racks are placed too closely together bicycles can be damaged and users left frustrated. Users with expensive bicycles will avoid cramped facilities. Correct spacing also ensures cyclists don't inadvertently lock their bicycle to someone else's bike.

6. Why choose a cage over a locker?
Lockers are an expensive option for clients and provide very little bicycle parking for a big outlay. Security cages with swipe card access provide high level protection on a smaller footprint and give better value.

7. What security classes of bicycle parking are there?
There are currently three classes of security for bike storage. Class 1 is high level and comprised of fully enclosed individual lockers. Class 2 is medium level security and comprises of locked compound facilities with access by swipe card or duplicate keys. Class 3 consists of low level security facilities which allow the bicycle frame and wheels to be locked.

8. What do the Australian Guidelines recommend for bicycle racks?
The guidelines recommend that racks should enable wheels and frame to both be locked to the rack without damaging the bicycle. Specifically, racks and stands which allow only one wheel to be locked to the device or which support the bicycle by only one wheel are not recommended for use. Such devices do not provide proper support or security for the bicycle as a whole. They do not meet the requirements of AS 2890.3 and should not be used in new installations. 

9. Why do you advocate a wholistic approach to bike parking?
We believe it's best to get it right at the beginning, to follow Australian Standards and Guidelines and to use quality materials that look good and are easy to maintain. At the end of their life they can usually be recycled.

10. What kind of materials do you use?
We use Australian steels, supplied by Australian companies and use companies that follow Quality Assurance for materials finishing. Often imported steels have high silica content which has implications in the finishing processes ie. galvanising and powder coating (just like Oils ain't Oils - Steels ain't Steels)

11. We want to encourage cycling at our workplace - can you help us develop a strategy?
Yes. Director Graeme Roth is an Accredited AustCycle Provider, and has two decades of cycle commuting experience and a broad understanding of the needs of different workplaces - from bicycle storage and cycle culture perspectives.

12. Why is proper design of a bicycle parking facility important?
Many factors ensure the success of a bicycle parking facility but putting the needs of cyclists right at the heart will ensure infrastructure is well used. Placement of racks, security considerations and correct spacing are just some of the ingredients for success.


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