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Australia’s Best Looking Bike Storage Facility

The National Museum of Australia now has a beautiful, architecturally significant end of trip bike storage facility recently completed by Designed by the museum’s architects ARM Architecture the gleaming, origami like structure features a mixture of bike rack options. These include the innovative, space saving Bike Storage ground mounted sliding rack, the vertical Bike Wall ™ and the Pause ...

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Sydney’s First Electric Bike Pump Gets A Workout

Sydney's Harbour Bridge has electric bike pump

Commercial bike pumps come in all shapes and sizes. The market is increasingly seeing a range and diversity of bike pump products few would have predicted even 2 years ago. Just as there are bike racks and there are bike racks it’s critical to make the right choice when choosing bicycle pump infrastructure. Providing air along popular cyclist routes is ...

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Bike Storage Conversion: Turning dead space into great bicycle space

Bike Storage Cage Retrofit

If you’ve got lots of bicycles around your workplace or apartment block creating bike clutter around stairwells, entrances, exits, and in random common rooms, chances are you are experiencing that most modern of maladies, the bike storage issue. We see it all the time. The popularity of cycling means that more people are using bikes instead of cars to commute ...

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Active transport on federal agenda

Street stencil of cyclist

Supporters of active transport have been buoyed by the recent release of a statement by Minister for Infrastructure Anthony Albanese into how walking, riding and public transport can play a bigger role in Australian mobility. Almost 200 hundred organisations, businesses and individuals put in submissions which informed the statement. ‘The primary objective of this statement is to articulate the Australian ...

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Want smart & fit kids? New research shows active travel ticks the boxes


This generation of children may be the first to see life expectancy fall compared to previous generations due to obesity related illness. Many Generation X’ers, their parents and Baby Boomers will have fond memories of walking and cycling to school. For children today riding a bicycle or walking is the exception. The Premier’s Council for Active Living (PCAL) reports that: ...

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World Environment Day No Brainer: It’s easier to park a bike than a car

It's easier to park a bike than a car

There aren’t too many daily activities left in the modern world that place fun at the epicenter of the experience but fortunately cycling is one. Whether it’s the pure pleasure of freedom and connecting with the environment, exchanging smiles with a stranger on the street or whizzing down a hill at a liberating speed World Environment Day is a great ...

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The Active Travel solution to the $4 billion problem


 Recent statistics reveal a disturbing modern problem – chronic health    problems related to obesity and inactivity are costing the Australian economy an astounding $4 billion dollars per year.* Car dependency, time and income pressures, ageing transport infrastructure and a shift to screen based work and entertainment have a high price. Disease associated with physical inactivity is now ‘the fourth most ...

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