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Apartment and good strata bike facilities make a low cost X factor

Quality Apartment Bike Facilities = Happy Cyclists

If you own or rent an apartment and you’re a cyclist chances are you’ve felt frustrated by the lack of attention given to cyclists over car owners.

Or perhaps you work in Strata or Facilities Management and you want to do the right thing by the cyclists using the space or you need to manage the space more efficiently.

Maybe you’re a developer who is looking to get the edge on the competition.

If so this is sure to inspire. Canadian developer Pacific Palisades had the idea of asking renters in Vancouver to ‘Imagine it at PaPa’. They asked their renters to come up with ideas to introduce more fun, convenience and interest into living at their property. 150 entries later they narrowed it down to three winners.

Accommodation, Bikes, Art

The winning entries were:

1. Resident guest suites to book for a reasonable rate

2. A workshop for resident cyclists to tune up bikes

3. Artwork in the common areas that showcases local artists/photographers or highlights the history of area

We’re focusing on idea number 2 because we’re about bikes but you can find the link  to the article here

Bicycles featured heavily in the entries they received says the company. They have decided to add two Bikefixtation bike stations in their parking stations.

“Each bike station will include a repair stand, tire pump and nearby water supply so that PaPa’s resident cyclists can tune up before a long ride, pump up their tires and wash off their greasy hands.” is proud to be Bikefixtation’s distributor in Australia. Bikefixtation shares a similar philosophy – serving cyclist needs while providing robust infrastructure. We believe providing bike stations is a low cost way to increase the happiness factor in your apartment block or workplace for minimal outlay. It also is an effective way to encourage active transport and make your space desirable to resident cyclists. Providing these facilities encourages community – sure everyone can bring their own but where’s the fun in that? – and creates less need for resources.

Wall mounted and ground mounted bicycle racks in a secure bike cage retrofitted by in an apartment block

Our own work with strata communities around Australia has revolved around working with resident cyclists and strata management to come up with compliant solutions that work well for cyclists and provide good value.



Let us know if you are a cyclist or a developer and have a story to share on this subject. Perhaps you’ve done something exemplary or have an idea that you think should become reality. Maybe you have a cautionary tale and can share experience to benefit others. We’d love to know.





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