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Bike Cages Are Not Created Equal

Funky Bike Cage by with 40 correctly spaced bike parking spaces

When it comes to getting a secure bicycle cage it’s important to know what you’re looking for. The old saying you pay for what you get is particularly relevant in this area. Many cages being used for bicycle parking are not designed specifically for cyclist use.
Suppliers simply erect a cage to fit the available space as quickly as possible and that’s it. But that can have long term effects for those who will be using the bicycle facility.

Bike theft is an under reported reality  and with
governments around the world trying to encourage cycling
as a transport mode, investment in a standards compliant, secure bike cage will go a long way to supporting cyclists and attracting them to a facility. You can just whack up a cage and be done with it but a standards compliant cycle cage has a lot of time and energy invested into it making it work.

Some of the elements a successful cyclist centric bike cage will include:

  • Easy access – a gate wide enough to walk through with a bicycle
  • Correct spacing of bicycle racks. Too many installed too close and every second rack will be ignored or cyclists will park elsewhere.
  • Strong and durable materials. A chain mesh fence is…a chain mesh fence. These can easily and quickly be cut with standard tools by thieves. If you need to provide a high security bicycle facility chain mesh isn’t going to do it. At we use proven high security mesh used in high profile public infrastructure because it’s intruder resistant.
  • Location: must be as close as possible to cyclist destination
  • Entrance should be in a location that won’t clash with pedestrian and vehicles
  • Security appropriate to the setting

Types of bike cages

A retrofitted bike cage for an apartment block

Bicycle cages can be new or retrofitted. We are often called out to replace existing bicycle cages made of chain mesh as they are not protecting bicycles from thieves. We are able to identify what would work in your space from a user perspective and then use our expert bike facility and construction knowledge to find retrofit solutions. This can mean using existing materials you have on site when we retrofit or redesigning your space to make it work with a
new cycle cage.

Accessories: Bike Pumps, Lockers,
Work Stand, Bike Vending Machine

Optional extras can make your bike cage a true cyclist hub.
If you’re keen to encourage a fit, activated workplace and even offer incentives for people to leave sedentary habits behind investing in bike parking accessories will help keep cyclists on the road and create a culture where everyone can benefit. Graeme Roth,’s Director is an accredited AustCycle teacher and has worked extensively with Bicycle User Groups and management to come up with solutions to make facilities work for the long term.

Lockers and a seat for cyclists to change shoes are part of this bike cage

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