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Bike Parking Facility Perfection: What does it look like?

Bike Parking Facility

Ask’s Director Graeme Roth what his idea of a perfect workplace bike parking facility looks like and a glint appears in his eye.

As a commuting cyclist in Sydney for two decades Graeme has known his fair share of dismal bike parking. He recounts being asked to lug his bike up ten flights of stairs and to put it in unsecured storerooms only to find it damaged when he went back.

His ideal bike parking facility would park 60 bicycles securely and it would of course be located as close as possible to the cyclist’s destination.

“It would follow Australian Standards for rack spacing and the racks would support the bicycle properly and provide locking points. Too many racks on the market are spaced too closely together.”

From a cyclist’s point of view this makes access much easier and stops the clash of handlebars and pedals.

But beyond the nuts and bolts Graeme’s vision encompasses ideas that will become increasingly commonplace as cycling’s popularity continues to rise.

“The facility would be operated off solar panels if possible and entry is via swipe card access integrated into the workplace’s security. There would be a work stand for minor bicycle repairs, a commercial bicycle pump and a vending machine for spare tubes and emergencies. The provision of these demonstrate the workplace’s commitment to active travel,” he says.

A few years ago installed a facility at the ABC which incorporated a bicycle work stand and pump. The ABC also invested in a clothes line for cyclists to air clothes and towels. “The workplace BUG had put in its wishlist and the end result was one that made cyclists’ feel valued,” says Graeme.

High on Graeme’s perfect facility are bathrooms for cyclists – dedicated, clean and purpose built male and female bathrooms close to clothes lockers. The facility would also have seating which allows for cyclists to change shoes quickly and secure lockers which allow cyclists to store work clothes.

“There would also be a dedicated area for cycling related workshops so those who do cycle are able to easily connect with others, share tips about good routes and generally support each other in their active transport choice,” says Graeme.

“The great thing about cycling is that is a social activity. It is far more social than driving in your car everyday and this is a good thing for smart employers. Not only are cyclists much fitter and happier than those who arrive by car which is an investment in your company’s productivity they are also building on the social capital of the company. It’s often in informal settings that the best ideas flow and I can safely say some of my best ideas have come when I’ve been cycling,” he says.

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