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Australia’s Best Looking Bike Storage Facility

The National Museum of Australia now has a beautiful, architecturally significant end of trip bike storage facility recently completed by Designed by the museum’s architects ARM Architecture the gleaming, origami like structure features a mixture of bike rack options. These include the innovative, space saving Bike Storage ground mounted sliding rack, the vertical Bike Wall ™ and the Pause ...

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Commuter Hoop bike racks now in North Sydney

commuter hoop bike rack by Bike Storage

Street Poles Reinvented Unsuspecting street poles in North Sydney found themselves recently enhanced with Bike Storage’s stainless steel Commuter Hoops – the bike rack for street poles. The bicycle stands are part of a council masterplan to support cycling in the precinct. A new version of the popular U rack – the GM 850 Bike Rack was also created and ...

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Bike Storage Conversion: Turning dead space into great bicycle space

Bike Storage Cage Retrofit

If you’ve got lots of bicycles around your workplace or apartment block creating bike clutter around stairwells, entrances, exits, and in random common rooms, chances are you are experiencing that most modern of maladies, the bike storage issue. We see it all the time. The popularity of cycling means that more people are using bikes instead of cars to commute ...

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New ‘Link’ Commuter Bike Shelter for ACT

Bike Storage's new 'Link' bike shelter

Bike storage’s stand alone ‘Link’ bike shelter has been delivered as part of the ACT government’s Park and Ride initiative in Weston. Bike Shelter Australian Standards Compliant The Australian Standards AS2890.3 compliant bike shelter features secure bicycle parking for 24 bikes with a mixture of ground mounted bike racks and wall mounted bike racks in Bike Storage’s signature orange bicycle ...

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Wall bike racks save space but choose the right rack wisely

Wall mounted bike racks are quickly becoming the  default bike parking product in new developments and retrofitted bicycle parking facilities. Why?  Increasingly people are realising that wall bike racks which park bikes on the vertical plane mean big space savings. Not only that but wall bicycle stands are easy to install and use provided you buy the right type. Although ...

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World Environment Day No Brainer: It’s easier to park a bike than a car

It's easier to park a bike than a car

There aren’t too many daily activities left in the modern world that place fun at the epicenter of the experience but fortunately cycling is one. Whether it’s the pure pleasure of freedom and connecting with the environment, exchanging smiles with a stranger on the street or whizzing down a hill at a liberating speed World Environment Day is a great ...

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Bicycle Parking: Green Building Council of Australia Credits

Green Star’s Credits mean quality bicycle parking Bike Storage began when Director Graeme Roth got fed up with hunting out dodgy bike racks in dank places in 2006. Secure, welcoming and functional commercial bicycle parking was the stuff of dreams back then but with the advent of the Green Building Council’s inclusion of  Cyclist Facilities credits in its various Green ...

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Cars get it, how about bikes? Good bike parking spreads the love

cars parked with no room for driver access

Ever driven your car into a car park where you can’t actually park the car   without doing countless manouvers to actually get between those lines into your designated car spot? And have you ever realised that once you’ve made it in you can’t open the driver’s door, the passenger door or any door and you’ll have to get out of ...

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Why bother putting in a compliant bike cage and bike racks?


If you’re planning to install a bike cage there are many things to think about. You can go cheap and buy an off the shelf garden shed and use it as bike storage or you can get fencing contractors in to enclose an area in chain mesh and voila – there’s a bike cage! The problem with these two options ...

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Like likes Like: Commercial Bike Racks, Metals and Galvanic Corrosion


Ever heard of galvanic reaction? This occurs when different metals come into contact. And, the results aren’t always pretty. Galvanic Corrosion and Commercial Bike Racks If commercial bike racks are manufactured without proper quality assurance or consideration to corrosion and placed outside you can expect them to start looking bad surprisingly quickly. When the steel of the bicycle rack comes ...

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