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Bike Rack Innovation

Australia’s Best Looking Bike Storage Facility

The National Museum of Australia now has a beautiful, architecturally significant end of trip bike storage facility recently completed by Designed by the museum’s architects ARM Architecture the gleaming, origami like structure features a mixture of bike rack options. These include the innovative, space saving Bike Storage ground mounted sliding rack, the vertical Bike Wall ™ and the Pause ...

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Commuter Hoop bike racks now in North Sydney

commuter hoop bike rack by Bike Storage

Street Poles Reinvented Unsuspecting street poles in North Sydney found themselves recently enhanced with Bike Storage’s stainless steel Commuter Hoops – the bike rack for street poles. The bicycle stands are part of a council masterplan to support cycling in the precinct. A new version of the popular U rack – the GM 850 Bike Rack was also created and ...

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Stylish ‘Pause’ bicycle racks meet Innovation Campus

'Pause' bicycle rack

Bike Storage’s unique ‘Pause’ bicycle racks were recently installed front of house at Innovation Campus at the University of Wollongong. The stainless steel bicycle racks were a finalist in the Better by Bike Bikefest Design competition in 2012 and are the perfect choice for discerning architects looking to make a design, aesthetic and functionality statement. Using the Inherent Form of ...

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Scooter Rack Solves School Storage Problem


Scooter Rack for Primary School When a primary school in Sydney approached Bike Storage to see if we could help solve their scooter clutter and bicycle parking problem we were only too happy to help. The scooter rack holds 14 scooters. The area being used to store scooters had no scooter racks and students had to reach over a seat ...

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Bike Storage Strata Solutions

Bike Parking Plan for apartment block

Finding a bike storage strata solution that works There are often competing interests when it comes to bike storage in apartment blocks and strata title units. Motorists, cyclists and those who just want a secure storage area for stuff they use sporadically compete for space and it’s not always pretty. Often it just takes a circuit breaker to come in ...

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Commercial Vertical Bike Racks

Commercial Vertical Bike Racks:  Space Saving Solution With space becoming an increasingly luxurious commodity, smart solutions are emerging to store bikes vertically in the bike storage world. Wall mounted racks typically hang the bicycle vertically to minimise the footprint of a bike when it’s not being used. As anybody who has shared a tiny space with a bike knows, it ...

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Upcycling Bicycle Racks: There’s life in the old benders yet!

UPCYCLING BICYCLE RACKS We love recycling and reinvention at but what about a bit of upcycling? Specifically upcycling bicycle racks that are passed their used by date? That is turning something into materials or products of better quality or better environmental value. MASS BIKE RACK REINVENTION New York City’s Department of Transportation’s innovative solution to the city’s scarce bicycle ...

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