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Bike Sheds

Bike Sheds

Bike Sheds offer shelter for bicycles from the elements and different levels of security.

This secure bike shed by doubled as hydronic heating system storage

They come in a variety of styles from the  backyard bike storage shed to the bike parking infrastructure solution.

The purpose of the shed will dictate the kind of cycle shed solution you need.

Is your bike shed for home use and is security not so important? If so you will have lots of options available to you as there are plenty of lower to middle range bicycle sheds available for home storage.

If you need a commercial bike storage shed to park lots of bicycles and offer security and swipe card access then you will be looking for a different solution.

Factors to consider for Secure Bicycle Sheds

cycle shed
This cycle shed offers shelter from the elements
  • Where are you going to put it?
    This is absolutely key to ensure the success of your bike shed.It needs to be as close as
    possible to cyclists’ final destination
  • How big do you need it to be?
    What happens if lots of cyclists start using your shed and you run out of room?
  • Is future growth a consideration?
  • How secure does it need to be?
    Sheds located within existing property with a level of security will need a different approach
    than a shed put in a publicly accessible space
    with little existing security
  • What kind of services will be needed?
    Stand alone solar panels can offer a cheaper alternative than getting mains power to a new shed in some situations
  • Is compliance with existing standards and guidelines critical to meet legal obligations? Do you want to deal with one contractor who will do it all for you? Or, are you happy to liaise with different contractors to lay concrete slabs, provide services, source appropriate bike racks, install cycle racks, install a secure entry system etc
  • What kind of gate will you use? It’s important to use a robust gate to protect bicycles that won’t need regular maintenance
  • What kind of door closing system will you use?
  • What kind of maintenance are you prepared for? (cheaper sheds will suffer with maintenance issues while properly built compliant sheds should require a minimum)

Our bike sheds are designed to park 8-24 bicycles and come in modules so it’s easy to add on if you need to. We also custom design bicycle cages and cycle sheds to meet client needs.

One Stop Shop Project Management or Do It Yourself

We can project manage your bike shed from concept, design to build or we can simply supply a shed and you can install it. Our products and service mean you just have to deal with qualified contractors who meet current standards and we offer a one stop shop for bike shed builds that include vertical and wall mounted bicycle racks, bike pumps, bicycle parking signage.

Your shed can be built out of a range of materials. We are metal and wood specialists and experienced in landscaping and the provision of solar power. We look forward to working with you to meet your needs.

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