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Bike Storage Cage Retrofit
This bike storage cage converted dead space in a NSW hospital into a secure, compliant bike cage

Bike Storage Conversion: Turning dead space into great bicycle space

If you’ve got lots of bicycles around your workplace or apartment block creating bike clutter around stairwells, entrances, exits, and in random common

Bike Storage Cage Retrofit
This bike storage cage converted dead space in a NSW hospital into a secure, compliant bike cage. By

rooms, chances are you are experiencing that most modern of maladies, the bike storage issue.

We see it all the time. The popularity of cycling means that more people are using bikes instead of cars to commute but while new developments are increasingly required to factor in bicycle parking before they are approved, existing buildings struggle to cope finding the space to retrofit quality bike storage.

Converting existing space into cyclist centric bike storage requires careful thought and research of existing space.

Bike Storage Conversion Checklist

Questions you need to consider when thinking about providing bike parking that works include:

–       How many bicycles do you need to accommodate? Is there a difference in cyclist use – ie. employee or visitor? Long term or short term?
How much growth in cyclist numbers should you expect?

–       What space can you identify that may be suitable?

–       How close to the cyclist’s destination is this space? (if it’s too far away it won’t be used – trust us)

–       Is it easily accessible?

Retrofitting car spaces at a university in Melbourne turned this area into a functional, dedicated bike storage facility. By

–       Is it in a high visibility area with lots of foot traffic?

–       Is it well lit?

–       How secure is this space?

–       What kind of racks will you be providing? Will you be providing a mixture of wall and ground mounted racks for cyclists with different needs?

–       Can cyclists lock their bikes to the racks securely and do the racks properly support the bicycle without damaging it?

–       Will the range of bikes be able to use these racks (ie. bikes with panniers, baby carriers, commuter bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes,
children’s bikes, recumbents etc)

–       Can cyclists comfortably get in and out? (Have you resisted the temptation to squeeze too many racks and rendering the space unusable?)

It’s all about the design and functionality

Retrofitting existing spaces and turning them into cyclist friendly bike parking is not just a case of whacking in a few bike racks in a dark dingy corner and hoping for the best. Modern bikes can be a massive investment and no one will leave their expensive bike parked in a place they don’t trust or on racks .

Building owners also need to know that any bike parking conversion will work and solve the problem of bike clutter.

Bike Storage is often asked to complement the existing design aesthetic of a building when providing design and installation of a bike parking solution. We believe it’s critical to get the look and function right. A good looking, functional facility signals to cyclists and to the broader community that cycling is a supported transport mode, worthy of investment.

Retrofitting car spaces and turning them into secure bike storage is another common request. When you can fit 8 bicycles into one car spot without compromising cyclist accessibility there is a strong economic argument to ditch the car. Providing secure lockers ensures cyclists can store a change of clothes or lights and supports cyclists. Integrating such bike facilities with existing smart card systems makes management of the facility easy.

Bike Storage Conversion – Taking it a step further

Electric Bike Pump and Repair Stand
Bike Storage supplies and installs electric bike pumps and repair stands. Here is the installation we did at the northern end of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge.

One forward thinking property developer in Vancouver even asked renters what they would most like to see in their apartment block. Second on residents’ wish list came the request for a resident bike workshop facility for resident cyclists to maintain and repair their bicycles.  Bike Storage is the distributor for Bike Fixtation range of workstand and bike pump products in Australia and we would love to see this idea take off here!







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