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Australia’s Best Looking Bike Storage Facility

The National Museum of Australia now has a beautiful, architecturally significant end of trip bike storage facility recently completed by Designed by the museum’s architects ARM Architecture the gleaming, origami like structure features a mixture of bike rack options. These include the innovative, space saving Bike Storage ground mounted sliding rack, the vertical Bike Wall ™ and the Pause ...

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New ‘Link’ Commuter Bike Shelter for ACT

Bike Storage's new 'Link' bike shelter

Bike storage’s stand alone ‘Link’ bike shelter has been delivered as part of the ACT government’s Park and Ride initiative in Weston. Bike Shelter Australian Standards Compliant The Australian Standards AS2890.3 compliant bike shelter features secure bicycle parking for 24 bikes with a mixture of ground mounted bike racks and wall mounted bike racks in Bike Storage’s signature orange bicycle ...

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Why bother putting in a compliant bike cage and bike racks?


If you’re planning to install a bike cage there are many things to think about. You can go cheap and buy an off the shelf garden shed and use it as bike storage or you can get fencing contractors in to enclose an area in chain mesh and voila – there’s a bike cage! The problem with these two options ...

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Bike Cages

Bike Cages Are Not Created Equal When it comes to getting a secure bicycle cage it’s important to know what you’re looking for. The old saying you pay for what you get is particularly relevant in this area. Many cages being used for bicycle parking are not designed specifically for cyclist use. Suppliers simply erect a cage to fit the ...

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