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commuter hoop bike rack by Bike Storage
Commuter Hoop gives North Sydney's cyclists parking convenience

Commuter Hoop bike racks now in North Sydney

Street Poles Reinvented

street pole to bike infrastructureUnsuspecting street poles in North Sydney found themselves recently enhanced with Bike Storage’s stainless steel Commuter Hoops – the bike rack for street poles. The bicycle stands are part of a council masterplan to support cycling in the precinct. A new version of the popular U rack – the GM 850 Bike Rack was also created and installed by in North Sydney.


The Commuter Hoop bike rack product has been designed to attach to standard poles securely. Bike Storage’s Commuter Hoop has a vandal resistant fixing system which reduces the turning point of the rack. In lay terms this means “if somebody wants to wrench a poorly fixed rack from a pole and walk away with the rack and the attached bike, it is relatively easy with many existing street pole bike racks,” says bike rack creator and Bike Storage’s Director Graeme Roth.

Vandal Resistant Fixing System

“The Commuter Hoop has a section cut out which enables snug fitting of the bike rack hoop to the pole unlike other products which are attached only by screws and can be easily loosened,” says Graeme.

The Commuter Hoop makes smart use of existing street infrastructure. In an age when street space is under pressure from all types of  users it is a low impact, high efficiency way to make the most of what’s already there. Bike Storage offers a self install system for councils and can supply a jig to ensure accuracy in fitting of these high quality, Australian made bike racks.

“We’re proud that we’ve improved the security of this style of bike rack,” says Graeme.

Commuter Hoop close up


U style bike rack

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