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Ebike and Ecar Charging Stations Give Multi Modal option

Go Multi Modal with Ebikes and Ecars

Ebike and Ecar charging system
Ebikes and Ecars charging with Enovpark solar system

Have you ever thought about choosing a different mode to travel a leg of your commute but been frustrated that it was too hard? Multi modal travel means different ways of travel are incorporated into a trip. Perhaps you ride your bike to the train station, catching the train and cycle to work. Maybe you walk to an electric car share vehicle, drive close to your destination, park and catch a bus for the final leg. There are many variations. Multi modal travel  is becoming the solution for governments around the world looking to increase productivity, relieve pressure on budgets, dramatically cut transport congestion, combat obesity and fight air quality issues.

A company founded by the French government Enovpark has
its sights set on making it easy to choose ebike and ecar travel as part of a multi modal solution. Enovpark have developed a patented system to power up electric bicycles and electric cars in charging stations which can be operated via smart card technology. You wheel your ebike in, place the handlebars in the specially designed cradle and your bike begins charging.

The idea behind the multi modal stations is ease – make it easy for users to choose a sustainable way to travel that suits their needs at the time. Some days you might feel like driving or other days you need to make it up several steep hills and you are not up for the exertion so ebike travel is a more attractive option than human powered bicycle.

Transport trends around the world are about offering choice to commuters and travellers that enables users to choose the best way to travel. Sustainable transport allows those who want to travel lightly on the world to do so. Park and ride schemes are one facet of intermodal travel which can shift traffic from congested areas to other areas and offer better options. Read More here:

Offering Choice with Ebikes and Ecars

The Enovpark system is also designed to work with existing infrastructure – the ebike or ecar charging stations can be incorporated into existing car parks or bike parking facilities. The charging stations provide the power through solar panels so the loop is self sufficient. This means that once initial outlays are made the operating costs are minimal.

Intermodal travel as a trend

Currently people choosing sustainable ways to travel are supported in piecemeal fashion but as the trend to incorporate active travel into the daily life of us all – commuter, retiree, student, carer –  strengthens expect to see more systems offering more choice. We all want to get around quickly and efficiently and as traditional transport systems break down under pressure or through lack of investment sustainable travel is looking like the solution. It offers health and environmental benefits, is relatively cheap for governments to provide, comes with a joy factor for users and well it’s just plain quicker much of the time. It’s also free or cheap for users and that’s got to be a good thing.

Note: is a distributor and installer of Enovpark’s products

We love what the ACT is doing with its Bike-Park-Ride program. One of our bike sheds is featured here
A case study of a city’s multimodal approach – Tuscon – can be found here

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