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Australia’s Best Looking Bike Storage Facility

The National Museum of Australia now has a beautiful, architecturally significant end of trip bike storage facility recently completed by Designed by the museum’s architects ARM Architecture the gleaming, origami like structure features a mixture of bike rack options. These include the innovative, space saving Bike Storage ground mounted sliding rack, the vertical Bike Wall ™ and the Pause ...

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Sydney’s First Electric Bike Pump Gets A Workout

Sydney's Harbour Bridge has electric bike pump

Commercial bike pumps come in all shapes and sizes. The market is increasingly seeing a range and diversity of bike pump products few would have predicted even 2 years ago. Just as there are bike racks and there are bike racks it’s critical to make the right choice when choosing bicycle pump infrastructure. Providing air along popular cyclist routes is ...

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New ‘Link’ Commuter Bike Shelter for ACT

Bike Storage's new 'Link' bike shelter

Bike storage’s stand alone ‘Link’ bike shelter has been delivered as part of the ACT government’s Park and Ride initiative in Weston. Bike Shelter Australian Standards Compliant The Australian Standards AS2890.3 compliant bike shelter features secure bicycle parking for 24 bikes with a mixture of ground mounted bike racks and wall mounted bike racks in Bike Storage’s signature orange bicycle ...

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Old Bike Rack as….Walking Stick: Active transport lives on


What to do with old bike racks? When Bike Storage takes out old toaster style bike racks that don’t compy with Australian Standards or no longer work in any capacity we are loathe to put them to rest if another use can be made of this quality steel. So on this occasion the bike rack was morphed into a solid ...

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Scooter Rack Solves School Storage Problem


Scooter Rack for Primary School When a primary school in Sydney approached Bike Storage to see if we could help solve their scooter clutter and bicycle parking problem we were only too happy to help. The scooter rack holds 14 scooters. The area being used to store scooters had no scooter racks and students had to reach over a seat ...

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Ebike and Ecar Charging Stations Give Multi Modal option

Go Multi Modal with Ebikes and Ecars Have you ever thought about choosing a different mode to travel a leg of your commute but been frustrated that it was too hard? Multi modal travel means different ways of travel are incorporated into a trip. Perhaps you ride your bike to the train station, catching the train and cycle to work. ...

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Commercial Vertical Bike Racks

Commercial Vertical Bike Racks:  Space Saving Solution With space becoming an increasingly luxurious commodity, smart solutions are emerging to store bikes vertically in the bike storage world. Wall mounted racks typically hang the bicycle vertically to minimise the footprint of a bike when it’s not being used. As anybody who has shared a tiny space with a bike knows, it ...

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Apartment and good strata bike facilities make a low cost X factor

Quality Apartment Bike Facilities = Happy Cyclists If you own or rent an apartment and you’re a cyclist chances are you’ve felt frustrated by the lack of attention given to cyclists over car owners. Or perhaps you work in Strata or Facilities Management and you want to do the right thing by the cyclists using the space or you need ...

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