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It's easier to park a bike than a car
It's easier to park a bike than a car: which makes it a much better option

World Environment Day No Brainer: It’s easier to park a bike than a car

There aren’t too many daily activities left in the modern world that place fun at the epicenter of the experience but fortunately cycling is one.

Whether it’s the pure pleasure of freedom and connecting with the environment, exchanging smiles with a stranger on the street or whizzing down a hill at a liberating speed World Environment Day is a great day to acknowledge the many pleasures of cycling.

At we continue to be bemused that more people don’t get that cyclists usually get much easier access to a destination or event than drivers.

Less Competition to Park a Bike

It’s much easier to park a bike than a car, the competition is far less and you get to park really close to where you’re going. It’s also much cheaper. It’s much healthier and you get to feel much better.

Provide the right bike parking and it’s inevitable more people will understand how the convenience factor of cycling makes it a winner. This is especially true for short trips in congested areas where motorists can waste valuable time and energy and fuel looking for a car space.  It’s estimated that on average about 30% of cars on streets were looking for parking in some studies. Cyclists can quickly park and depart. It’s seamless.

 Cyclist Centric Bike Storage is Key

What’s important though is that cyclist centric bike parking is provided. Australian standards compliant bike storage enables cycling as a viable and fun transport activity. It’s a critical factor in meeting cyclists’ needs. The standards have been carefully built around the needs of cyclists.

Non compliant bike parking is usually supplied to tick a box on a development application with little energy devoted to the life the facility will have and what it will mean for the users – the cyclists for years afterwards.

Non compliant bike storage which doesn’t think about the safety or security of the cyclist or the bike can feature:

–       cheap racks put too closely together (so cyclists can’t get in and out easily)

–        racks placed in the wrong spot a long way from the cyclist’s destination so it’s a hassle (cyclists will lock to the nearest pole or fence instead)

–       racks that you can’t lock your bike to in two places

–       facilities which aren’t put in high visibility areas and which don’t have adequate lighting

–       poorly constructed bike cages with flimsy bolts and fittings which are easy for bike thieves to breach

Greenhouse Gas Calculator

Here’s a fantastic Greenhouse gas calculator put out by Sydney University which allows you to calculate how much emissions you save by riding your bicycle

To find out more about making your workplace, school, apartment block or development cyclist friendly visit or call 0434 060 855

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Suzanne Kowalski is Manager at an innovative Australian based bicycle storage company which specialises in the design, supply and installation of bike racks, bicycle cages, bike sheds and bicycle infrastructure.

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