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bike parking racks at a school
Junior bicycle racks located securely and close the entrance showcase active transport

Showcase: Park bikes at your school

When thinking about how to park bikes at schools it’s all about location, location, location.

The closer students and staff are able to park bikes to the entrance of the school and their classrooms and offices – the better. Being able to quickly park your bicycle securely and conveniently is one of the great advantages of cycling as a transport option. It sure beats competing to find a car parking spot in the busy morning rush and demonstrates to students that cycling is valued by the school. It also cuts down on traffic congestion.

cycle-racks-schoolBike Storage recently completed bike parking for Blackheath Public School in the Blue Mountains. The local community and the school’s P&C generously chipped in with donations of materials and there were many hands on deck to help prepare the site and complete the concreting. donated the junior bicycle racks especially designed for young riders. Staff weren’t forgotten though – an area for adult Sheffield cycle racks finished off the school’s bike parking solution. Attractive and inexpensive landscaping completed the area. By providing an easy way for students and staff to park bikes means active transport is encouraged and student dependence on car travel challenged.

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Suzanne Kowalski is Manager at an innovative Australian based bicycle storage company which specialises in the design, supply and installation of bike racks, bicycle cages, bike sheds and bicycle infrastructure.

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