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Bicycle racks in action
Bicycle racks in action

Pause Bike Rack a winner in Mildura

Bike Clutter No More

Bicycle racks in action
Pause bike racks in action in Mildura

We are thrilled to see the Pause Bike Rack by Bike Storage being put to good use in Mildura. This bike stand, which was a finalist in the 2012 Better by Bike Design competition, was created to provide user friendly bike parking and create order in city streets by removing the potential for bike clutter.

It also has the advantage of creating clean lines for street users so that cyclists know where to go and pedestrians have clear sight lines. The Pause Rack can be used in different configurations. Both allow for locking and support the bicycle by using the bicycle itself to create stability.

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About Suzanne

Suzanne Kowalski is Manager at an innovative Australian based bicycle storage company which specialises in the design, supply and installation of bike racks, bicycle cages, bike sheds and bicycle infrastructure.

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