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Bike Storage Conversion: Turning dead space into great bicycle space

Bike Storage Cage Retrofit

If you’ve got lots of bicycles around your workplace or apartment block creating bike clutter around stairwells, entrances, exits, and in random common rooms, chances are you are experiencing that most modern of maladies, the bike storage issue. We see it all the time. The popularity of cycling means that more people are using bikes instead of cars to commute ...

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Bike Storage Strata Solutions

Bike Parking Plan for apartment block

Finding a bike storage strata solution that works There are often competing interests when it comes to bike storage in apartment blocks and strata title units. Motorists, cyclists and those who just want a secure storage area for stuff they use sporadically compete for space and it’s not always pretty. Often it just takes a circuit breaker to come in ...

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Bike Cages

Bike Cages Are Not Created Equal When it comes to getting a secure bicycle cage it’s important to know what you’re looking for. The old saying you pay for what you get is particularly relevant in this area. Many cages being used for bicycle parking are not designed specifically for cyclist use. Suppliers simply erect a cage to fit the ...

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Apartment and good strata bike facilities make a low cost X factor

Quality Apartment Bike Facilities = Happy Cyclists If you own or rent an apartment and you’re a cyclist chances are you’ve felt frustrated by the lack of attention given to cyclists over car owners. Or perhaps you work in Strata or Facilities Management and you want to do the right thing by the cyclists using the space or you need ...

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