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Bike Parking Plan for apartment block
Bike parking solution for an apartment block

Bike Storage Strata Solutions

Finding a bike storage strata solution that works

There are often competing interests when it comes to bike storage in apartment blocks and strata title units. Motorists, cyclists and those who just want a secure storage area for stuff they use sporadically compete for space and it’s not always pretty.

Bike Parking Plan for apartment block
Bike parking solution for an apartment block

Often it just takes a circuit breaker to come in and find bike storage strata solutions that may not be obvious to anybody else. Once your space has been analysed and existing problems identified by a bicycle parking specialist then bicycle storage solutions can be implemented.

Finding bicycle storage strata solutions

Have you considered using vertical racks to
store bikes? Providing a mixture of ground
mounted and wall mounted racks will offer
cyclists choice. There are many cyclists who
would be comfortable hanging their bicycles but
we recommend providing a mix of ground and
wall mounted racking to suit those who don’t want to lift
their bicycles or who have heavy panniers or other deterrents
to hanging.

Other considerations for bike parking in apartment blocks

What’s the level of security you require? Have you already got security measures in place? ie. secure garage entry and you just need racks that support bicycles properly and allow locking as per Australian standards. Perhaps you need to provide a secure bike cage. Existing infrastructure can often be used with the right design.

Maybe you don’t have any spare walls. In this situation a railing can be erected and vertical
bike stands hung off it. Our patented Bike Wall product provides an easy, compliant and good
value bike storage system for this situation.

Other important considerations include: Location of the racks or cage, lighting, visibility and access. Has enough room be allowed for cyclists to access the parking easily? Will there be clashes between other building users and cyclists? If so how can the flow be managed to allow each group ease of access?

Often providing secure, cyclist centric bicycle parking facilities will solve all sorts of other problems in a building. Work, Health and Safety issues arise when dedicated bike parking space isn’t provided as bikes can be parked against railings, at building entry points, to service pipes and create unnecessary hazards. But with the right approach providing bicycle storage can be a way to increase the happiness factor in your building.


Wall and ground mounted bike racks and a secure cage for an apartment block







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