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Sydney's Harbour Bridge has electric bike pump
Servicing the Electric Bike Pump at northern end of Harbour Bridge

Sydney’s First Electric Bike Pump Gets A Workout

Commercial bike pumps

come in all shapes and sizes. The market is increasingly seeing a range and diversity of bike pump products few would have predicted even 2 years ago. Just as there are bike racks and there are bike racks it’s critical to make the right choice when choosing bicycle pump infrastructure. Providing air along popular cyclist routes is a great way to support cycling as a viable transport option for local government and transport authorities and even savvy cafe and retail owners are recognising that attracting cashed up cyclists can be a boon to the bottom line.

Choose your bike pump carefully

It’s really important to think about how often your bike pump will be used. If it’s not going to be heavily used (a workplace bike cage of 24 bikes) then you will choose a different product to one in a high cyclist traffic location which will service dozens of bicycles a day. What both products will need is a robust, vandal proof casing and an easy to use apparatus that fits all bikes.

Consider maintenance needs

Depending on how frequently your bike pump is used it is sensible to consider the maintenance needs the bike pump will have and to factor in a maintenance plan. There is nothing worse than investing in bicycle infrastructure and to see it fail within a short period of time. It lets down those it is meant to serve. At we do our best to ensure that this doesn’t happen and we talk clients carefully through product choices and settings using our experience as a guide. We also choose our bike pump products very carefully and ensure that expendable parts are easily replaced. We pride ourselves of reacting quickly to any problems because as cyclists we know how annoying it is to have a flat.

Electric bike pumps great for heavy use

We are proud to have put in the first electric bike pump in Australia at the northern end of the Habour Bridge. We regularly check the bike pump and have been delighted with positive feedback this easy to use pump has received. It fits all types of bicycle and has withstood heavy cyclist traffic. The image shows Bike Storage’s Graeme Roth replacing a head. Alongside the pump is a bike work stand with tools. It’s the perfect compliment to the pump and allows cyclists to make repairs to keep them happy and on the move.

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About Suzanne

Suzanne Kowalski is Manager at an innovative Australian based bicycle storage company which specialises in the design, supply and installation of bike racks, bicycle cages, bike sheds and bicycle infrastructure.

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