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Things That Catch Our Eye

Want smart & fit kids? New research shows active travel ticks the boxes


This generation of children may be the first to see life expectancy fall compared to previous generations due to obesity related illness. Many Generation X’ers, their parents and Baby Boomers will have fond memories of walking and cycling to school. For children today riding a bicycle or walking is the exception. The Premier’s Council for Active Living (PCAL) reports that: ...

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Old Bike Rack as….Walking Stick: Active transport lives on


What to do with old bike racks? When Bike Storage takes out old toaster style bike racks that don’t compy with Australian Standards or no longer work in any capacity we are loathe to put them to rest if another use can be made of this quality steel. So on this occasion the bike rack was morphed into a solid ...

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Ebike and Ecar Charging Stations Give Multi Modal option

Go Multi Modal with Ebikes and Ecars Have you ever thought about choosing a different mode to travel a leg of your commute but been frustrated that it was too hard? Multi modal travel means different ways of travel are incorporated into a trip. Perhaps you ride your bike to the train station, catching the train and cycle to work. ...

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Apartment and good strata bike facilities make a low cost X factor

Quality Apartment Bike Facilities = Happy Cyclists If you own or rent an apartment and you’re a cyclist chances are you’ve felt frustrated by the lack of attention given to cyclists over car owners. Or perhaps you work in Strata or Facilities Management and you want to do the right thing by the cyclists using the space or you need ...

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Upcycling Bicycle Racks: There’s life in the old benders yet!

UPCYCLING BICYCLE RACKS We love recycling and reinvention at but what about a bit of upcycling? Specifically upcycling bicycle racks that are passed their used by date? That is turning something into materials or products of better quality or better environmental value. MASS BIKE RACK REINVENTION New York City’s Department of Transportation’s innovative solution to the city’s scarce bicycle ...

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