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Commercial Vertical Bike Racks

Commercial Vertical Bike Racks:  Space Saving Solution

With space becoming an increasingly luxurious commodity, smart solutions
are emerging to store bikes vertically in the bike storage world.

Commercial vertical bike rack systems need to support bicycles properly and allow locking.

Wall mounted racks typically hang the bicycle vertically to minimise the footprint of a bike when it’s not being used. As anybody who has shared a
tiny space with a bike knows, it can be a crowded relationship if the bike is on the floor and in the way.

Vertical bike racks can be of the basic hook variety which may be all a resident requires inside the security of their own home but if you’re in the market for a bike rack that you can lock your bicycle to and which will
support the bicycle properly without causing damage,  you need to do your homework. For commercial vertical bicycle rack solutions it is critical that the best racks possible are supplied to projects. If substandard bike
racks are installed you may find that your bike racks are ignored in favour of the nearest pole or fence if the racks don’t work for cyclists.

The Best Vertical Bike racks include the following features:

  • they can be used with all types of bicycles (commuter, road, mountain, hybrid etc)
  • they support the bicycle properly and don’t place strain on the bike
  • the bicycle can easily be locked to the rack with a variety of locks (D-lock, cable etc)
  • they can be securely installed in a wide variety of settings
  • they are made of robust materials that are engineered to hold the bike’s weight
    and won’t buckle under strain

Other Wall Mounted Bike Rack Attributes

Wall Mounted Bike Racks should be built to last and structurally sound. Questions to ask yourself include: Has it been designed and manufactured for longevity (how is it finished)? Is the rack galvanised? (best for outside use) or powdercoated (fine for indoor use)?

Key to functionality is the spacing of vertical bicycle racks. At we are committed advocates for Australian Standards compliant spacing that ensures ease of access for cyclists (ie. cyclists can easily hang and get their bikes off without clashing with their neighbours’ bicycles) and reducing strain on cyclists’ backs which can occur if these racks are placed too closely and the cyclist has to manoeuver awkwardly to get access. If the right product is installed with the right spacing and installation in a commercial setting then vertical bike racks are a breeze to use. We do recommend that a mix of vertical and ground mounted bike parking is provided to suit as many users as possible where possible.

User friendly installation of commercial wall hung bike racks is critical to their success








BIKE WALL: The Bicycle Parking System

BikeStorage has designed a patented Bike Wall system specifically to provide mass vertical bike parking.

The Bike Wall vertical rack system allows locking, has compliant spacing inbuilt and the bike is properly supported











Bike Wall has been designed with correct spacing inbuilt so it’s easy to get bike rack spacing right. The system has been designed to cut expense, time and materials out of the process which means it’s much cheaper than other vertical bike parking solutions and can easily be self installed in most environments.

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