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BIKE WALL Modular Bicycle Parking

Bike Wall ® [Patent Granted # 2011101343] Modular bicycle parking eliminates the need for a cage frame as well as a racking frame. 

It combines the bike cage structure and racking frame into one unit.

Bike Wall ® also features offset wall mounted cycle racks. Properly offset racks
allow more bicycles to be parked without loss of functionality. The offset is
cleverly built into the rack in the Bike Wall ® system unlike other bike-wall-mass-bike-racksystems where
extra materials and framing is used to offset the height of each rack. The Bike
Wall ® system can be fitted with or without a cage to meet your particular needs.




-    More bike parking for less time and money
-    Utilises existing walls
-    Eliminates the need for a fence/cage and a bicycle hanging frame by 
     combining cage structure and racking frame into one unit
-    Easy, do it yourself installation
-    Flexible to meet most situations – can be easily adapted onsite
-    Simplifies bike storage
-    Materials used more efficiently with offset built into rack

    Dimensions: Modules = 2400 mm H = to suit your ceiling height


-    car park conversions
-    bicycle cages
-    seamless integration with’s cycle sheds and shelters
-    schools, colleges, universities
-    workplaces

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About Bike Storage

BikeStorage designs, supplies and installs compliant bicycle infrastructure to meet all your bicycle parking needs.

We're about creating great bicycle space wherever you need to store or park bicycles across
Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

We have parked thousands of bicycles to Australian standards and are leaders in the field.
We aim to give you the best, most functional bike storage space that looks good, works and is great value for money.
Our work is used as best practice bike storage examples in the industry and among the active transport community.


We design, supply and/or install: 

- wall mounted and ground mounted bicycle racks 

- patented & exclusive cycle parking systems. Our Bike Wall ® system is a mass parking, Australian standards compliant vertical bike rack system which is cost effective, quick to install and makes it easy for users to park bikes 

- multi modal transport hubs which can include bathrooms
  and solar bicycle cages (solar access and swipe card access available)

- E\-bike and E\-car charging stations

- cycle sheds

- bicycle pumps and vending machines, bicycle signage, bicycle path marking

- custom bike parking solutions

- mass bike parking situations for commercial developments, green building bicycle points, educational institutions,
  retail, government and non government settings


Our clients include commercial, government, non government, schools, universities, residential, retail
and individuals looking for bike parking that works. Our bicycle rack and bicycle cage products are Australian made
and we only distribute high end products manufactured in USA and France that satisfy our strict quality standards.

We aim to effective, great value, sustainable and good looking bike storage that places cyclists'
needs at
the centre of the process!


Call Us On:  0466 407 484 to discuss your bicycle parking needs and for a free quote! 


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We are an Australian company committed to providing high quality, great value, functional bike racks, bike cages, bicycle sheds and infrastructure for cyclists that is compliant, good looking and works. We operate nationally and ship internationally. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to become a distributor of our products.


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