Wall Mounted Rack

There are wall mounted racks and there are wall mounted racks. Many vertical racks don't allow bicycles to be locked securely by cyclists and they don't support the bicycle. Some racks will even damage bicycles which means they will be avoided by bike riders. Our wall mounted rack supports the bicycle evenly and holds it by the rim and offers secure locking. Our racks are manufactured from superior Australian steel which ensures that the quality is there and you get the feel good factor from supporting local manufacturing with its superior environmental standards. Our racks are competitive with competitors who manufacture offshore so you pay no extra!


-    Vertical bike racks offer the best way to use space that would otherwise be dead and is an ideal solution for those who need
     to make the most of available space
-    This rack allows the bicycle to be well supported and provides locking points unlike many other wall mounted racks on the market
-    Excellent value for money
-    The bicycle is supported via the wheel – pressure is not on the spokes
-    Easy to use with supported video (link) to show newcomers how to use it. Little lifting is required if the wall hanging bicycle rack
     is installed correctly.
-    Available in standard powdercoated yellow. Hot dippe galvanised, nickel, stainless steel and custom powder coated finishes are also available as options. Call 0434 060 855 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for pricing



-    For visitors and residents at residential apartments
-    Car parks and retrofit areas
-    For visitors, clients and employees at offices, workplaces, retail settings
-    Schools, universities, colleges

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